Nebraska and Kansas Pay Per ViewNebraska fans will be breaking out the credit card once again this season if they want to watch the Huskers on tv. After not being picked up for a tv slot, the Nebraska vs Kansas game will be played at 1:30 CST and will be shown only on pay per view.

Once again the game will cost around $30 if you choose to order it. It is my understanding that the university wanted an afternoon game as they feel they have had to many night games this season and that could be one of the reasons why the game is on pay per view. Of course, Fox would rather have the game on pay per view anyways because they know Husker fans will be paying the money to watch the team.

As of right now there will be no tv for Nebraska vs Kansas State game however. It is up to K-State and their officials to decide the gametime and if they want to have it on pay per view. I doubt pay per view really matters to them as they can’t even sell out their stadium. Hell, they probably can’t even pack it full if they were giving away tickets. We might be turning to the radio for the game in a ten days.

So will you be ordering the pay per view for the Kansas game or just listening to it on the radio?

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4 Responses to “Nebraska and Kansas set for PPV - NU/K-State possibly”

  1. Tom Christensen Says:

    Radio. I live in California so it has already been an expensive season.

  2. Cliff Says:

    Yeah, if you have paid for all the pay per views it really has been an expensive season. Fox is figuring out that we will pay the money though so it doesn’t hurt them at all to put us on PPV.

  3. Joel Says:

    It’ll have to be the radio for me. I refuse to pay the high PPV rates, even for my beloved Huskers. The way the economy is, $30 to watch a game is too much.

  4. Rich Says:

    Where can I find radio coverage? isn’t carrying it.

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