Nebraska vs Colorado PreviewHey everyone, hope you all are having a great week so far. It’s that time of year where everyone is thinking about Thanksgiving, the Nebraska vs Colorado game, and which bowl game the Huskers might be headed to. We will talk about about the big game on Friday as well as the possible bowl destinations for the Huskers a little bit today.

First off, there has all ready been a little bit of talk in the media from Husker players and Buffalo players. Nothing really bad, just why players like Shaun Mohler (CU Player) and Matt Slauson chose the school that they did when it came down to recruiting and picking Colorado or Nebraska. We also heard Larry Asante say that the defense really scaled things during the bye week as far as coverages they will be using this week. He went onto say something to the affect that everything is simple because that is all they have to do to beat the Buffaloes. Hmm a little bulletin board material right there.

As for the game itself, the Huskers are favored by 15 points as of today (Tuesday). With the game being at home, I expect them to win by 10-14 points and for the Seniors to have a really good day. Quarterback Joe Ganz will be getting the start despite missing a couple of practices late last week when he roughed up his shoulder a little bit. Phillip Dillard is also planned to play and be at around 85% for the game.

I also expect the Huskers defense to have a great game against Cody Hawkins and the Buffs. The Buffaloes offense ranks last in the Big 12 in both total offense and scoring. The Buffaloes lost their leading rusher against Texas A&M to a broken leg and they really haven’t been able to run that ball like they would like. That causes trouble right there as the Huskers will be flying all over the field and putting pressure on Hawkins. I’d be surprised if the blackshirts don’t pick off a couple of rushed passed by Hawkins and also pick up 3-4 sacks in the game.

In the end, I’m think we will see a score like 45-28 in favor of the Huskers. The big red just have to much on both sides of the ball and should have their way with the Buffs. What is everyone else’s prediction in the game

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