Nebraska BasketballThe Nebraska Cornhuskers lost to the Oklahoma State Cowboys 76 to 74 in overtime on Saturday afternoon. The game is a very disappointing loss for Nebraska as it drops them to 2-3 in the conference season. This is one of those games that Nebraska had to win to keep any chance of making the NCAA tournament alive. Maybe it is just my rose colored glasses, but I still believed that NU had a chance to go on a nice run here and end the first half of the conference season 5-3. It is more likely after this loss that the Huskers will be 4-4 or 3-5. Their next opponent is the Kansas Jayhawks who should be able to pressure Nebraska’s guards into mistakes and force bad shots from the outside. Due to KU’s athleticism the Huskers are going to have a very difficult time getting to the hoop against Kansas.

The game started off very good for the Huskers as they were up nine to two at one point early on. That is when the Huskers went ice cold from the field. The fans kept wondering and hoping to see Jorge Diaz come in to give this team a much needed post presence and create those kick out three point opportunities, but he never came. Paul Velander led the way in futility for the Huskers as he finished the game one of eight from the field. He did get fouled on a couple of those shots that were not called, but even when he was open he did not make shots that he normally does. Following closely behind Velander was Sek Henry who was a whopping one of five from the field. In the game it seemed that Sek forgot what makes him a good player, it is being aggressive and getting to the hoop. Sek failed to even attempt to do drive even when OSU’s big man had four fouls with around five minutes to go in the game. A Husker player never attempted to drive the ball in and create contact drawing the foul. It seemed like this team made a conscious decision to not take the ball inside. OSU was playing man defense for much of the game that the Husker guards normally exploit with penetrating to get the basket or kick out.

Looking at the final stats a few things really stand out. Nebraska make their last field goal with 2:55 to go in regulation. That is ridiculous, and the primary reason we did not win this game. To win basketball games you must score more points that the other team, you can’t do that when you are only shooting 39% from the field. In OSU we saw what we should be getting from this undersized team this year, as they shot 54% from the field for the game. OSU is playing the up-tempo game that we were promised with this year’s team.

If you cannot tell, I am very disappointed in this loss. This game was another must win that we failed to win. This game is a very bad home loss to a middle of the road Big 12 team. These are the types of games that NU needs to start winning in they want to take a step forward in the Big 12. Saturday was a big step backward.

My final gripe about Doc’s decisions on Saturday was that he asks his players to take on the other team’s big man were they give up anywhere from 4-7 inches. It is understandable if you have no other choice to get the kids to do something that is really quite extraordinary, but Doc had a different choice that he could have made. He could have played Jorge Diaz and given Ryan Anderson and Ade Dagunduro a little help down low. Instead Doc has decided to give up on the season and on this group of senior’s by sitting Diaz. Ade Dagunduro, Steve Harley and Paul Velander deserve more from their coach who asks them to give their all against difficult odds!

- Corey

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