Sam Keller Sues NCAA and Ea SportsOk, first off I have to wonder what in the hell is Sam Keller thinking? Is this once former Arizona State and Nebraska quarterback that hard up for some attention or money? I don’t get the lawsuit that is being blogged about today where Keller has filed a lawsuit against the NCAA and EA Sports. It has many Husker fans as well as NCAA fans thinking WTF?!

Keller is suing the NCAA and EA Sports for “blatant and unlawful use of (NCAA) student likenesses in a number of EA Sports” college football games during his time with the Sun Devils and Cornhuskers without paying him for it. The “NCAA 08″ game, for example, lists Keller at his approximate height and weight.

So just because EA Sports uses a player that has the same height/weight and number as someone they should be sued for it? Of course they are trying to make the game realistic as possible without adding names to the rosters that are shipped with the games. They can’t allow the names to be on the rosters due to NCAA rules. That doesn’t stop roster editors however from flocking to the Internet once the game is released to download new rosters that have every teams players named.

I wonder if Mr. Attention (Keller) would be bringing this up if he was in the NFL and also in the Madden game? I would imagine it would be cool to say “Yeah that is supposed to be in the game”… I guess not for Mr. Keller The whole Arena League and Bar tending in Arizona must not be working out to well huh Sam?

What’s your thoughts on this crazy lawsuit?

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11 Responses to “Sam Keller sues the NCAA and EA Sports”

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  2. tdpadgett Says:

    Another typical person out for themselves but hurting everyone, other players, fan’s and ect. Someone out to sue him for not having a brain.

  3. jp2506 Says:

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  4. CS Says:

    How is this hurting others. He brings up a very valid point in that everyone is making millions off of these kids and they get what, a full ride at school? Nice, but not anywhere close to equivalent. Hate if you want to as a QB but don’t lose the idea of this-if he wanted to be a tool he would have just kept his name on the lawsuit. How is this hurting the other real players? Is it so much to ask that a 10th or even a 100th of what is made off of these kids be put into a trust for them that they can’t have until they graduate, for example?

  5. Cliff Says:

    For most college athletes just being in this game is a big privlege. How long has the game been out for and just now we hear about a lawsuit like this?

    I still think Keller is just up for attention and money.

    As far as getting a full ride at a Division One school, that’s worth thousands of dollars right there. I don’t have one problem with EA Sports putting out the game like they do.

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  8. LegalGirl87 Says:

    Sam Keller is the right for suing because of the Seven Causes of Action listed in his indictment.He has also been damaged according to the Identitate Nominis clause which is listed in every legal dictionary in this country. Obviously since no one has a college paid education in this chat room and has actually read the filed indictment, Ill be happy to explain it to you who lack common sense and plausible reasoning.

    NCAA breached the original media entertainment contract with it’s players in order to collect royalties with EA Sports. The original contract included the following: ” Specifically, in the Contract; the licensing agreements between players and NCAA teams state that no likeness,mannerisms or appearance shall be used without the consent of the individual in terms unless stated upon in this contract.” EA Sports was not included in the clause of the contract and ideo(therefore), are facing the violation clause 6457 of the California Law.

    Overall, it’s identity theft of the second degree and if it were you, you would be suing over this too.

  9. josh Says:

    SAm Keller is the biggest pu***y for this crap. Way to be a buzz kill loser, no one even knows who you are bum.

  10. ct Says:

    good job keller.. seriously this guy is garbage.. if he ruins college football games because he wants money that is a little bit ridiculous.. i seriously hope he learns his lesson by being a baby back bitch..


  11. ???? Says:

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