Nebraska Pay Per View GamesHey Husker Fans! Sorry for the lack of updates lately as things have been pretty slow in the Husker Nation. I can’t wait for things to pick up so we have more to blog about here at Nebsports. In the meantime, we will be adding a Twitter account and setting that all up with the blog for everyone to stay informed on updates and such.

The little bit of news that I do have is quite big though. It has been announced that the Huskers first two football games were not picked up in the Big 12 TV package. What that means is you will have to head to a sports bar or order the game via pay per view if you are not able to attend the game in person. Buying the game is better than listening to it on the radio but it sure does suck that at least Versus didn’t pick up the games.

In my opinion, the whole pay per view thing is getting out of hand with Nebraska Football. Fox Sports who controls the pay per views, knows that Nebraska fans will shell out the money and it is a very  big pay day for not only them but also the University. They would rather have the game be on pay per view just because a lot of fans will buy the game which kicks back more money too Fox and the University. I mean why would they show it for free when they can make more money off us fans? Seems like a no brainer on their end.

Right now the only two tv games that are set in stone is a Thursday game at Missouri on Oct. 8 which will kickoff at 8 p.m. and the Friday, Nov 27 game at Colorado which is set to kickoff at 2:30 p.m. We will have to wait and hear on the game time for the Virginia Tech game as the ACC will set that game time.

So Husker fans, what is your opinion on starting off the season with two pay per view games?

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8 Responses to “Get ready for Husker football on Pay Per View”

  1. Get ready for Husker football on Pay Per View - Nebraska Sports Blog Says:

    [...] Get ready for Husker football on Pay Per View [...]

  2. Northeast Kansans for Nebraska | Get ready for Husker football on Pay Per View Says:

    [...] Get ready for Husker football on Pay Per View [...]

  3. sam Says:

    Do you know if you can pay to watch the games online?

  4. John Gran Says:

    Will the games be in HD this year? Not really interested if they are not.

  5. webmaster Says:

    I would really doubt that they would be broadcast in HD as I don’t see the university or the tv crew forking out the extra money. I agree that the telecasts look terrible but it is better than nothing.

  6. Justin McGill Says:

    I am a Californian for nebraska, but i do think it is wrong that they charge us for all the huskers non conference games, but i really dont care i will pay to watch them. Who gives a fuck if their not in HD

  7. Scott Rupnow Says:

    I own a Banquet Facility in The Gretna Outlet Mall right behind the welcome center. All the Husker Home games except September 12th will be shown on my 10 HD Big screen tv’s with a huge beer garden. I invite Husker Nation to come out with no cover to enjoy a fully stocked Bar, cold beer, BBQ, Smoked Turkey Legs and Football. Party on the Patio at the Atrium in Gretna. Private room with keg seating 65 people-$600.00 Call Scott Rupnow @ 402-706-8983 for more info

  8. Jim Bob Says:

    I have dish network and I live in Nebraska. How do I order the game? 1st timer here. Any (helpful) advice would be helpful. Thanks!

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