It’s almost gametime once again and that means I have another game preview. The Huskers will be looking for a little bit of revenge on Saturday when they take on Virginia Tech on their home field in Blacksburgh. This will be a big test for the Huskers especially with it being on the road. Last year it was the Hokies coming out of Lincoln with a 35-30 victory.

The key to the game as I look ahead is containing Virginia Tech quarter Tyrod Tailor. The Husker defense cannot let him get out in the open and scramble for positive yards. The defense will need to keep Tailor in the pocket and make him attempt to throw the ball. This comes down to the d-line of the Huskers getting pressure with the front four and the defensive ends playing a very good game.

The Husker offense will look to attack the linebackers who are three first year starters and the secondary of the Hokies. I really expect Zac Lee to look to stretch the field early in this game especially if the running game gets off to a good start with Roy Helu.

I think this game will come down to the line play. Whichever team’s linemen play better will come out with the victory. Both teams are going to try to run the ball and then attempt to work in passes off of the run. Quarterback pressure will be huge for the Huskers and I just don’t know if they have the speed to keep up with Taylor.

I’m going to be honest and predict this score. Virginia Tech 30 Nebraska 21

I hope I’m wrong and can come back after the game and blog about a Husker victory. It’s just been too long since the Huskers have defeated at top 20 team on the road and I don’t see it happening this Saturday.

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6 Responses to “Huskers face a tough Virginia Tech team on Saturday”

  1. Red Basher Says:

    Corncobs haven’t played anyone…..
    There are JUCO teams out there that would beat up on the Sun Belt Confernece foes…..What does that really say about the Huskers…..???
    They’re PRIMED for a Major BUTT KICKING!

  2. Red Basher Says:

    What did I tell you??? No butt kicking but in the end they couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag….trust me….Huskers will not face 1 foe in the Big 12 as lame as VT was today…and they lost…enought said….can you say 3-2 after the MIZZOU butt kicking Oct. 8th.???
    Quit drinking the Kool/Aid….it’s over CORNCOBS!!!!

  3. chris Says:

    It’s a shame that husker fans have to pay to watch the huskers play at HOME

  4. chris Says:

    IS Nebraska Univeresty that greedy that they wont let a local channel brodcast. It is all about the money here. 1011 news says they have complete coverage OF THE HUSKERS, well if thats the coverage then i feel sorry for the husker fans, now tell me why we have to pay to watch the huskers when they are at home

  5. Red Basher Says:

    Save your money…..give it to Charity…Huskers are NOT worth wasting your money watching them….

  6. jmpnthefire Says:

    Hey Kazou fan. your lame, your teams lame, your coach is lame, your states lame. your division II teams are far better than the misery kittens. and lets just talk about mizzou, whats your all time record? 604–507–52, there is only 97 games in between your winning and losing streak. whats NUs? oh yeah thats right 819–337–40. How many national titles does mizzou have? ZERO! how many does NU have? 5 more than missouri. How many Heisman winners does mizzou have? ZERO! How many does NU have? 3. How many Conference titles does lame ass mizzou have? 15. And thats right Nu has 31 more conference titles than missouri. it would take almost 18 years of undefeated seasons for missouri to actually be at nebraska’s status of wins. by the way we still lead the rivalry, and this year nebraska will make it 64 wins and bring the Victory Bell back to nebraska where it belongs.

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