It was supposed to be the game that really put Nebraska back on the map in the college football world but instead, it was another game where the team and fans are left wondering “What Happened?”

Despite dominating the stats sheets and the Hokies on their home field, it was the Huskers who still lost the game 16-15. All the Big Red could muster up was five Alex Henery field goals despite being inside the Hokie ten yard line three times. Five times in the redzone and they didn’t score one touchdown.

Everyone will look back to the 80-yard pass that Tyrod Taylor hit late in the fourth quarter that setup the Virginia Tech game winning touchdown, but that play shouldn’t even have mattered if the Huskers would have punched the ball in the end zone. With the score 12-10 the Huskers had first-and-goal at the six yard line but two holding calls, two false starts and an incomplete pass later the Huskers and the punt team on the field.

The defense played awesome up until the one blown coverage that cost them the game. They held the Hokie offense to just 53 total yards on 25 plays before the long 80 yard pass to Danny Coale.

Roy Helu led the Nebraska offense with 169 yards on the ground.

The Huskers are setting near the bottom of the Top 25 polls now and will look to get back on track Saturday against Louisiana-Lafayette. It will be a big weekend in Lincoln as a lot of recruits will be on hand for the 300th sellout game. I’ll be making the seven hour drive down and can’t wait to hit the road Friday morning.

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8 Responses to “Huskers fall just short in Blacksburgh”

  1. Tom Christensen Says:

    Heartbreaking loss. What really lost the game was poor clock management by the offensive coordinator. All we needed was a first down to win the game. Scoring seemed to be impossible but first downs were not, Zac Lee sliding in the last series when a first down would have won the game. Give the ball to Helu, he did it all day long. You cannot give VT the ball with that much time on the clock. Poor play calling and clock managment on the last drive. Heartbreaking.

  2. Eddie O Says:

    Oh My….were do I start. First, why did we not Blitz until 1:31 mins left in the game?? When we did put pressure on the QB, he had absolutely no accuracy on the run or we buried him!!! Secondly, Bo Pelini…you are the biggest pussy I know now!!! You have this tuff personna and this killer attitude, but when it comes to going for it on 4th down an 3/4 of a yrd on the Hokies 38 yrd line, you folded like a lawnchair. So what if we may have been stuffed, at least you would’ve tried to win. NO ONE would EVER blame you for at least trying to win the game. How do you expect these kids to have confidence in themselves when YOU don’t even have enough confidence in them to make 1 yrd!!!

    Play to WIN and we will WIN!!! Play to not lose and we WILL lose!!!

    I do respect Bo Pelini, but just because he’s seems to be our Savior of the year and hopefully years to come…he must be held accountable like everyone one else when it comes to a blatent lack of confidence in the players ability to win the game…even on a 4th Down!!

  3. Chuck Says:

    Was it not 15-10 when we had 1st and goal before all the penalties poured in??????????? Why not kick the BLEEPING
    FIELD GOAL MAKING the score 18-10 making it a two possession lead or at least putting more pressure on VT to have to go for two in order to tie the game. Why wait until your out of field goal range and punt maybe we should have kicked the field goal after the first or second penalty???? Did we really want to win???

  4. Red Basher Says:

    Zac Lee was exposed……30% passing…Huskers don’t have a QB. See what you get when you play patsies? Overrated…Over Confident…and Over the Hill is this team…and Coach BOO BOO can’t walk the TALK……
    MIZZOU can’t WAIT!!

  5. Tom Christensen Says:

    Hey red basher go to your own board.

  6. Red Basher Says:

    TC….Truth bother you? All you clowns talk about is how you can’t score in the Red Zone….
    Without Helu there was no offense. He can’t star in everygame. Your QB was dismal ALL game long!! Now to me that is a concern…..I can here it after your 3rd patsy Sun Belt win….he’s OK!!
    MIZZOU will put him back on his ass and he’ll do another 35% passing day…and run??? YOU Don’t call what Lee did against VT running do you???
    Corncobs are DONE!!!!

  7. Tom Christensen Says:

    Like I said red basher go to your own board and post. You won’t find me on a mizzou board bashing your tigers. Maybe they’ll win maybe they won’t we’ll see on the 8th. By the way good luck to you and your tigers this season.

  8. Red Basher Says:

    TC…same to you and your Huskers….
    the problem is I’m stuck here in Omaha and have to read this brainwash crap every day……18 years and going on forever….

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