The Nebraska Cornhuskers and fans celebrated the 300th consecutive sellout on Saturday night and there was a lot of cheering going on as the Huskers rolled past Louisiana-Lafayette 55-0. It was complete domination pretty much from the get go and the Huskers played their most complete game of the season and the first shutout at home since Sept. 23, 2006.

Zac Lee was on target all game long as he finished 15 of 18 for 238 yards and one touchdown pass. It was great to see Lee in there and throwing the ball much better than he did in the second half against Virginia Tech a week before. Lee connected with senior Chris Brooks for a four yard touchdown to account for his td pass.

Brooks had a career high four receptions in the game as he is starting to get more and more playing time with the number one team.

On the ground it was Roy Helu Jr. leading the way with 83 yard and two touchdowns on 15 carries. With the Huskers having good field position most of the game, Helu wasn’t able to rack up over a hundred yards but he still finished with nice yardage per carry and found the end zone twice.

The defense really stood out against the Ragin Cajuns as the dominated and controlled the entire game. The defense allowed just 78 yards on 22 carries and also picked off a pass that was returned for a 76 yard touchdown. Larry Asante returned the pick six for the touchdown but also hurt his ankle on the play. As of right now it is uncertain how serious the injury is.

Adi Kunalic continued to put the ball deep in the end zone for touchbacks on his kickoffs and stud kicker Alex Henery continued to boot the ball through the uprights as he connected on both of his field goal attempts. Henery also had two punts inside the 20 yard line with one putting the Ragin Caguns at the one yard line to start their possession.

Ricky Thenarse could be out the rest of the season with an apparent ACL injury. We will know more about the injury later this week. It is unknown at this time if Thenarse would be granted a medical red shirt as it was the fourth game of the season.

It was a hell of a game for the Huskers and now it will be time to start conference play after a bye week. The Huskers will next be in action on October 8th, when the Huskers travel to Columbia to take on the Missouri Tigers. The game will be televised nationally on ESPN and be played on Thursday night. Let the smack talk begin Mizzou fans!

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3 Responses to “Husker roll over the Ragin Cajuns 55-0”

  1. Eddie O Says:

    I got an idea…we haven’t earned the right yet to smack talk anyone!! So we rolled over Lousianna-Fayette…really…Sorry to not be over-joyed and just tingly all over for the win. How many field goals did we kick again?? Won’t work with Mizzou..period!! How many times did we “actually call a blitz” against LF…I can count on one hand. Having the D_lineman put pressure on the QB is not the same as “calling a blitz. My point is once again like last weekend against VT…when you do bring the heat (blitz’s) against these teams IT WORKED….THEY DO NOT HAVE TIME TO REACT!!! If our beloved Husker coaches do not preapare to bring the heat to the Tigers QB on Oct. 8th… do not kid yourselves…we will get beat in their house…AGAIN!! FACT: If we do not take this opportunity to win this game on national TV against a ranked opponent…our season will be mediocre…again and the SAD part is that we are all getting used to that and are accepting of it and when/if we fully reach that point, Nebraska Cornhusker Football winning dominance
    will be as much a part of history as $1.25 for a gallon of gas!!
    All I’m asking is for my fellow lifetime Husker Fans to EXPECT Dominance, EXPECT it sooner than later, EXPECT our coaches to learn from history and who gives a crap if it takes a couple of gadget plays (i.e.,fake punt, reverse, the OK Crouch pass play, etc, etc.) to win…or heaven forbid to actually put confidence in your players to maybe go for it on a 4th down.

    WIN! WIN! WIN! Whatever it takes!! Good Luck Huskers…but let’s not rely on Luck…but on our hard dominating play. I have an idea…let’s embarass them in their house this year ?.?.

  2. Cliff Says:

    Eddie, the smack talk reference just to our good ole’ Mizzou fans that like to read blog :) Just trying to strike up some conversation with them.

    I agree though, lets get a big win on the road next Thursday night on national tv.

  3. Eddie O Says:

    No worries bro…I had to spend 13 years in Missouri and they are the loudest “smack talkers” that I know of!! Try having to literally take your phone off the hook when Mizzou beat Nebraska for the first time in 13 years and ripped down their own goal post like the won the National Championship…that sucked!! Now it seems evertime we play them they act like we’ve been long time rivals comparable to Oklahoma or Iowa State…what a joke. I don’t just want to win….I want REVENGE for last year and the 13 years I had to live there!! I will be there in person…and talking to my Mizzou friends…they are nervous…I don’t think the smack talk will be too heavy on their part.

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