Wow, what a terrible game on Saturday it was for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Texas Tech converted two third and long situations on their opening drive to go ahead 7-0 and then scored again on a lateral pass that Niles Paul dropped and did not pick up. After the Paul drop, I sat here thinking “Oh crap, here comes another big blowout just like a few years.” I’m sure I wasn’t the only one thinking that.

I pretty much put this entire game on the offense and offensive coordinator Shawn Watson. In a game where you need to chew up the clock and keep the ball out of Tech’s hands, the offense had just 70 yards on 30 attempts. I’m tired of trying to run the ball to the outside every play. Run the ball up the middle and keep those linebackers in close rather then letting them spread out and rush from the outside.

There is also a quarterback controversy as Zac Lee had another bad game under center. Lee was first pulled for a series in the third quarter so he could watch from the sidelines and hopefully see some things that Tech was doing on defense. Things didn’t change however when Lee was put back in the game and he was laster pulled again for true freshman Cody Green. Green would lead the Huskers into the endzone for their one touchdown when he connected with Khiry Cooper on a 13 yard pass.

I will say this, Cody gets rid of the ball when he needs to puts it on the receivers hands. Now can the wide outs just catch the ball?

It’s going to be a long week at practice for the Huskers. This is where the team needs to bounce back and have a good week of practice and then come out on Saturday and beat the crap out of Iowa State.

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One Response to “Nebraska suffers 31-10 setback against Texas Tech”

  1. Tom Christensen Says:

    I don’t want to beat the crap out of a bad north team I want to beat the crap out of a mediocre south team. And as for the offense and coordinator Mr. Watson, it was also poor pay calling that lost the Virginia Tech game. Forget the fact that we didn’t score a touchdown all night but all we needed was a first down to win and they got way too conservative. Hard to swallow this loss. GBR

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