Hey Husker fans! I’m finally recovered from the long weekend in Lincoln what a great weekend it was! The Huskers came out on top against the Sooners 10-3 and even though the offense still stunk it up, the defense picked them up and everyone was jacked inside of Memorial Stadium.

Even before the game, the crowd was crazy and what can I say about the tunnel walk besides “THE BEST EVER”. This game was the loudest game I’ve ever attended and it was a huge win for Coach Pelini and the program. Did anyone else see Bo after the came when he was walking off the field? Now that was one excited man!

So the 10-3 win was nice but there is still a lot of things that the team needs to work on. The offense still can’t move the ball (only seven first downs?!) and had some costly penalties against a tough Sooner defense. No matter if it is Cody Green or Zac Lee behind center, the team is not moving the ball and putting points on the scoreboard like they should be. It is really too bad the offense can’t keep up with the great defense that the blackshirts are playing.

The defense picked off five passes while Ndamukong Suh and Jared Crick once again had a great game from their DT positions. The Sooners did put up 325 yards of offense, but they had just 80 rushing yards and Landry Jones completed only 26 of his season-high 58 pass attempts.

Overall it was a great victory and keeps the Huskers in pace with Kansas State for the Big 12 North title. But that brings up another question, does any North team want to face Texas down in Dallas for the Big 12 Championship?

Sunday brought some great news for the coaching staff and fans as three high school players verbally committed to the program. Defensive tackle Jay Guy, cornerback Joshua Mitchell and defensive end Tobi Okuyemi all want to be part of the tradition at Nebraska. Three more defensive players for the 2010 recruiting class that is filling up pretty quickly.

The team will now practice this week as they prepare for a big showdown on Saturday down in Lawrence, Kansas. The Jayhawks will be ready for the Huskers and the players are going to have to come out and play a good game to get out of there with a win. Let’s see how things play out!

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6 Responses to “Thoughts on Nebraska vs Oklahoma game”

  1. Tom Christensen Says:

    Imagine the Joe Ganz offense with this years defense. Sorry I’ll wake up now. We’ll take the W but the offense had better wake up because the defense can’t do that every game.

  2. Cliff Says:

    Tom, believe me I have often thought that a few times as well. The offense sure could use a spark and hopefully we will see that down in Lawrence this weekend.

  3. Eddie O Says:

    Well Cliff I wish I was as optomistic as you, I really do. But, I learned something long ago that has worked out about 99% of the time….You can sh!# in one hand and wish in the other…then see which one gets full first!! That word “spark” is getting to be like nails on a chalkboard…along with the phrase “we didn’t execute…” Note to all—There is not going to be any “spark”…period. All we have is a AWESOME DEFENSE and that is the ONLY reason we have pulled out these last 2 wins. A W is a W and that’s what counts, I understand that, but I cannot for the life of me understand why that incompetent offensive coordinator Mr. Watson will not do what works and that is get the QB,preferbably Cody Green, outside the pocket on more Option passes. It works and it did work the (1) time he did it. He rolled the QB out put a TE in front of him (approx. 5-7 yds) and gave the QB the option to pass or run….and if he ran he had a blocker (TE) in front of him!! That is the “spark” that will work. Who cares how many times you have to run it…if it works, Jam it down their throats until they stop it!! This isn’t brain surgery, this is FOOTBALL!!

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  5. jeannette Says:

    huskers;that was the absolute best college game played across this country,throughout the entire season! enjoy your bowl game and look forward to seeing the huskers show they are the best team in the big 12 conferance.

  6. Thoughts on Nebraska vs Oklahoma game - Nebraska Sports Blog Says:

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