Whats up Husker fans? It’s about time I update the blog you are probably thinking lol. Well I am this evening and I’m going to talk about a little bit about Mack Brown and Texas turning down an opportunity to come to Lincoln and play Thursday night rather then on Saturday.

Athletic Director Tom Osborne and Bo Pelini both agreed on the Thursday night game when ESPN came calling but it was Coach Brown and the Longhorns who chose not to have it happened. Per rules, both teams but agree on the Thursday night game and so it will not be happening.

You know that Brown and company don’t want to play a night game in Lincoln. They don’t want to hear that jacked up crowd inside of Memorial Stadium after an entire day of tailgating and getting jacked up. But who can really blame them? Bo Pelini sure wouldn’t want to go down to Texas and play a night game that is for sure. No team wants to go on the road and play a night game no matter what.

Mack Brown however might not be able to get around the tough night game. If both teams are undefeated come October 16th, you can expect a prime time game on national tv and probably ESPN College Gameday being in Lincoln.

Get ready Coach Brown, no matter when the game is played on Oct. 16th, you are going to see one fired up team and fan base. Afternoon or night, it’s not going to matter because the Huskers are going to finish you off this time. Mark it down!

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One Response to “Texas says no to ESPN Thursdsay night game in Lincoln”

  1. Tom Says:

    You’re darn right we are going to finish them off this time and Brown knows it too otherwise the game would be on Thursday Night.

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