So it’s Monday morning and I’ve had some more time to think about the Nebraska vs Idaho game. I know a lot of people are upset with the game and the coaching staff wasn’t too much pleased but there were quite a few positives to come out of the game in my opinion.

The Huskers can line up and run the ball no question about it. You have the speedster Taylor Martinez and running backs Roy Helu Jr. and Rex Burkhead who can all break a long run and score from anywhere on the field. Helu Jr. and Burkhead aren’t getting as many carries as most would think, but that is because Martinez is scoring from 50 and 60 yards out taking up a lot of yardage.  I love how the running game is shaping up and the team will need to execute it again this coming Saturday when the Big Red invades Seattle to take on the Washington Huskies.

The defense played very good. I liked the d-line was able to put pressure on Nathan Enderle and force him into 5 interceptions. The defensive backs did a wonderful job of being physical with the Idaho receivers and made Enderle look like a junior varisty qb not a quarterback that is projected to be a 4-7th round pick in the upcoming NFL draft. Anytime your defense sacks the opposing team over five times and your defense picks the ball off five times things are going to turn out good.

The negatives to come out of the game were stupid and costly penalties along with bone headed turnovers. Ben Cotton, c’mon man! Niles Paul, hold onto the ball kid! Martinez will need to learn to read coverages more and know to get rid of the ball quicker. All those mistakes that were just boneheaded mistakes that can be fixed. They will have to be fixed soon or you juts might see some other players in there at the tight end position etc.

What was everyone’s thoughts on the game? Leave a commend or let us know through Twitter @nebsports

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  3. Tom Says:

    I hope the offense can keep getting it done, but what I don’t like about it is that so far it’s been mostly about Martinez. I hope that has just been because they are trying to get him comfortable before the bigger games otherwise if an injury occurs Lee and Green won’t be able to step in. They need to get the ball more to receivers and running backs, although I love to see “T-Magic” run. Defensively we’ll know more after Washington. Sure they put on the pressure against the Vandals but can they do it against the bigger, faster Huskies (I think so). This game will tell us more about the rest of the season. NU 28 - Wash 17 GBR

  4. naddychamp Says:

    Still, expecting skers to be Natty Champs! Cant deny that schedule, its a great one, Texas will be tough, but its our year, yeah there will be some bumps and a tough run through big 12 games, but I think this is our year, its got to be, it might take a while to adjust to the big ten. This years got to be our year, and its laid out for us, take another look at our schedule, just go take a look right now. I’m seeing Alabama vs. Skers…. Skers 15 Bama 9. Yeah, the score might be a dream, but look at our schedule,………guys, its our year.

  5. ashley Says:

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