A long standing tradition has come to an end on the football field as Nebraska beat Kansas 20-3 in their final game of their storied history together. It was a cold night in Lincoln and it seemed like that had a little affect on the players as the game was low scoring but fast moving. It wasn’t a pretty win for the Huskers, but a win is a win just like they got against Iowa State last weekend. All you can do is keep on winning games no matter how it gets done.

It was nice to see Taylor Martinez back in there at quarterback. The coaching staff kept it safe in the first half as he mostly handed the ball off or threw to receivers. Martinez really didn’t scramble or run until the second half when he ran three straight times to open up the half. Taylor once again fumbled the ball and also threw a bone headed interception but overall he had a decent game and the turnovers didn’t do much damage as the defense played lights out.

The Huskers held the Jayhawks to just three points and 87 yards of total offense. The Jayhawks were only able to pass for 15 yards as the Blackshirts dominated the line of scrimmage and also played lock down defense in the secondary.

Lavonte David had another kickass game as he was causing problems for Kansas all game long. David finished the game with 10 tackles and two sacks. David and d-lineman Jared Crick really showed up and played up their potential. Those two players and the rest of the blackshirt defense is what won this game even. It’s nice when the defense can pick up the offense when they struggle to put but the ball in the end zone. Great job defense!

Like I said before, it sure wasn’t pretty but at this point in the season all you can do is grind out the games and hope to come away with victories. With a victory over Texas A&M on Saturday, the Big Red can clinch the Big12 North for the second year in a row. The game down in College Station sure won’t be easy. I know I’ll be in front of my tv and watching on ABC!

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  1. Nebraska says goodbye to Kansas with 20-3 victory - Nebraska Sports Blog Says:

    [...] Nebraska says goodbye to Kansas with 20-3 victory [...]

  2. Tom Christensen Says:

    I don’t believe Martinez is 100% yet although he probably thinks that he is. But one more week of treatment will do him good and he seems to really like to play on the road as well as all of the other players. I have been reading alot of comments about the Huskers holding KU to 87 yards was no big deal because it is KU, but I call BS on that. I went on the KU website and looked up their games for this year and the least amount of yards they went even in a blowout loss was like 270 so to all of you who say the Huskers defense had an easy day again I call B.S. Anytime you can hold a team to under 100 yards you did something special. There were alot of teams that played lesser oppoments than KU this year and I wonder how many kept them to 87 yards? I doubt one.

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