Nebraska had their chance to  play in the Fiesta Bowl but came up short for the second year in a row while playing in the Big 12 Championship in Dallas. Rather than playing in a BCS bowl where you have the entire nation watching, they will be playing in the Holiday Bowl Jan 30th in San Diego. Many feel this is a let down by the Insight bowl committee but the Big Red have no one to blame but themselves as they had control of the Fiesta bowl had they just won on Saturday night.

So why would the Insight bowl committee choose Missouri over Nebraska in this case? Well many around the league think that that Big12 pressured the committee into taking Missouri so it would not be a “Big10″ type of game with Nebraska facing off against Iowa. The Nebraska / Iowa match up had been talked about all week if the Huskers were to lose to Oklahoma. Mark up another victory for the Big12 as they got their way.

It’s really too bad that we have another Nebraska vs Washington match up. This is getting pretty old to be honest and I know of quite a few fans that had planned on attending the bowl game but now are not. They already spent thousands of dollars to travel to Seattle when the two teams faced off earlier in the year and even though San Diego is a great city, they don’t want to spend another couple of thousand to watch the same two teams play once again.

I won’t be attending, but will be watching on tv no doubt about it. I am hoping to see another performance in a bowl game like we seen last year against Arizona. Give Coach Pelini more than a few weeks to prepare for a team and I really like our chances. Let’s give the team our support and end the season on a high note!

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  1. Nebraska vs Washington once again - Nebraska Sports Blog Says:

    [...] Nebraska vs Washington once again [...]

  2. Tom Christensen Says:

    Watson blew the big 12 championship by not pulling a hurt Martinez. We had the game won in the first quarter when TM came up hobbling again. We could have won with Burkhead taking direct snaps. TM took too many sacks that took us out of Field goal range. Ugh, I still get po’d thinking about it. Game won even with turnovers and then Watson goes back to TM even after Burkhead puts us in Field goal range twice. AHHHHHHHaaHHHHH

  3. Jonesy Says:

    Further proof that the Pac-10 is a better conference when a 6-6 team can absolutely manhandle you. Don’t pretend to think that Huskers just looked past this game or took it lightly. It was a bowl game. If they can’t get themselves psyched up for a bowl game, then they’re a weak team. What a disappointing program.

  4. Hosae Says:

    Web owner too ashamed & humiliTed to discuss Or post Washington bowl game.

  5. nattychamp Says:

    Huskers should wear their all red uniforms again sometime, here is a pic
    copy and paste the whole thing or google all red uniforms nebraska
    why the rude comments? We beat Washington, you beat us, we both beat each other once in 2010, no use to be rude, I think you guys (washington) are doing great, you had a great second half season and you guys are on the road back to prominence, it will be great to have another game come fall, no hard feelings.

  6. nattychamp Says:

    Jonesy, no hard feelings brother, peace, great luck next season, blessings.

  7. Jonesy Says:

    Nat, You’re right. That was rude…sorry. I just got a little caught up in the win seeing how everybody counted us out including the Huskers. And being a Huskies fan, that’s (unfortunately) a huge accomplishment for us how we’ve been the past few (many) years. Take care…

  8. nattychamp Says:

    you too.

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