It came down to the last few minutes but Bubba Starling signed with his home town Kansas City Royals last night just minutes before the midnight deadline. Bubba signed for $7.5 million dollars that will be spread out over a three year period. The Royals do have him under contract for six years however.

Kansas City Royals general manager Dayton Moore said the next stop for Starling will be to Arizona where he’ll prepare for instructional ball this fall with other prospects in the Royals system.

Bo Pelini issued this short statement as well:  “Everyone associated with our football program at Nebraska wishes Bubba nothing but the best in his future with the Kansas City Royals organization,” Pelini said of Starling. “I know this decision has been very difficult for Bubba and his family, as it would be for anyone in his position. In the end, Bubba was in a win-win situation regardless of his choice, and we respect the decision he has made. “I personally will root for Bubba in every game except when he plays against the Indians!”

While it would have been great to have Bubba choose football, he had a big decision to make and it would be hard for anyone to turn down that much money. We wish Bubba the best with his baseball career.

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It’s official, Nebraska and Iowa have a name for their rivalry / trophy game. “The Heroes Game” will pick one community hero from each state and be honored on-field during the game and have their name and hometown added to the trophy. A community hero can be nominated by friends, family, co-workers or anyone that feels like someone has done a extraordinary act for the community.

I like the idea but for some reason I think they could have gave it a different name or something to make it more appealing. The idea is there, I think it’s just missing something. It will be interesting to see what the trophy looks like.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment here or write us on twitter @nebsports

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The 2011 NFL Draft was held Thursday-Saturday in New York City and when it was all said and done seven Nebraska Cornhuskers were picked by NFL teams. The Washington Redskins picked three Huskers which had a lot of people thinking what’s going on in the nations capital?

Prince Amukamara was first to go as he was the #19th pick in the 1st round the New York Giants
Roy Helu was the 8th pick in the 4th round to the Washington Redskins
Alex Henery was the only place kicker taken in the draft and he went to the Philadelphia Eagles with the 23rd pick in the 4th round
Dejon Gomes was picked next by the Washington Redskins #15 in the 5th round
Niles Paul was the the other player picked by the Redskins as he was selected with the 24th pick in the 5th round
Keith Williams was chosen by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 6th round with the 31st pick
Eric Hagg was the final Husker picked in the draft as he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the 7th round

Overall getting seven players selected was nice. Former players like D.J. Jones, Mike McNeill, and Ricky Henry will get looks at by teams that can sign free agents once the lockout is lifted. Right now players can’ t do a whole lot but sit back and see how things go as far as the lockout is concerned.

Congrats to everyone that got drafted and to those that did not, good luck in the free agent pool!

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Nebraska will open up Big 10 conference play this upcoming season under the lights against Wisconsin the Madison.Com newspaper reports. First game in the conference and going up against a good opponent like Wisconsin, I guess you couldn’t expect anything different as the Huskers off the odds stacked against them this first year. I say bring it all on!

University of Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez said Thursday that the Badgers will host the Cornhuskers in a night game Oct. 1 to be televised by ESPN. The kickoff time hasn’t been set, but Alvarez said it would likely be 7 p.m. That’s pretty much all we know at this time as nothing official has came out from the Big 10 or the UNL.

Husker fans should know that Camp Randall does get crazy during games and especially big night games. Tough crowd that is tough against the opposing team but also the opposing fans. I have already heard from some Wisconsin fans that have mentioned how crazy it will get especially with a 7 p.m. kickoff. Let’s just hope the Huskers come out and strike early to take the Badger crowd out of it.

One thing is for certain, I’m going to try to make the road trip out to Madison even though it’s a long 13-14 hour drive for me. I want to be there to see the Badgers go down on national tv and see the Huskers pick up their first Big 10 victory! Anyone else planning on going?

Cliff - @NebSports


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Morning Husker fans. The University officially released video and a statement about the upcoming East Stadium expansion that will be going on at Memorial Stadium. There will be an additional 6,000 seats added as well as 38 new suites. The initial plan is calling for the entire expansion to be completed before the 2013 football season. Once completed Memorial Stadium will hold around 91,000 fans and be just on the outside of top 10 largest venues in college football.

Some fans have been wondering what was going on with all the trees being removed a while back on the East side and that’s just to make room for all the construction. Trees will be added back and everything will look great once completed. The developers were able to keep the old facade and will make it look great with the new construction that will be going around it.

Take a look at the video blow and let us know what you think.

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Finally! Coach Pelini has finally spoken about the coaching staff changes that many have been talking about for a couple of weeks. Bo, while out in California finally told a reporter from the AP the changes and many people are thinking what the heck took so long. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with Shawn Watson finally landing a job at Louisville. Bo always said he wanted to take care of his assistants and this is one way of doing it.

But was it the right away of going about? Bo already has loose ends with the local media and even some fans due to his media relations. We all know he isn’t the best guy for talking to the media and heck can you blame him in some cases? However, the two weeks were way to long and when everyone knows about it, the University might as well give Bo the go ahead and release a statement. It would make all parties look and sound much better. This isn’t the 80′s and even the 90′s when things were kept hush hush before the Internet…

So finally the coaching changes… Ted Gilmore, Shawn Watson, Marvin Sanders (resigned due to personal issues) are out. Corey Raymond, Ross Els and Rich Fisher all step in along with a promotion for grad assistant and former player John Garrison. Raymond will coach the secondary, Els the linebacking corp while Fisher will coach the wide receivers. Garrison will be co-offensive line coach with Coach Cotton and also help out with the tight ends.

Other moves will be Tim Beck taking over play calling as offensive coordinator and Ron Brown moving over to coach the running backs. (Something Brown has never done.)

Sure will be an interesting time during spring practice and the spring game. You know to know one thing, these assistant coaches were hand picked by Coach Pelini and they are guys that coach though would be best for the players. Stick behind them, and lets see what happens for the upcoming season. I have a feeling it will be an interesting ride into Big10 country.

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Nebraska has their tight end commitment for the 2011 class. Darien Bryant from Pickerington, Ohio accepted a scholarship offer from the Huskers and became the 19th verbal commitment for the Big Red. While his stats of 18 catches for 248 yards and one touchdown aren’t mind boggling, his 4.5 speed is what should get people excited. Look for Bryant to play similar to current Husker tight end Kyler Reed.

Bryant had a pretty good list of scholarship offers including North Carolina, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, West Virginia and Hawaii among others. Pretty good get and another player coming to Nebraska from Big10 country.

Welcome aboard Darien!

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Nebraska had their chance to  play in the Fiesta Bowl but came up short for the second year in a row while playing in the Big 12 Championship in Dallas. Rather than playing in a BCS bowl where you have the entire nation watching, they will be playing in the Holiday Bowl Jan 30th in San Diego. Many feel this is a let down by the Insight bowl committee but the Big Red have no one to blame but themselves as they had control of the Fiesta bowl had they just won on Saturday night.

So why would the Insight bowl committee choose Missouri over Nebraska in this case? Well many around the league think that that Big12 pressured the committee into taking Missouri so it would not be a “Big10″ type of game with Nebraska facing off against Iowa. The Nebraska / Iowa match up had been talked about all week if the Huskers were to lose to Oklahoma. Mark up another victory for the Big12 as they got their way.

It’s really too bad that we have another Nebraska vs Washington match up. This is getting pretty old to be honest and I know of quite a few fans that had planned on attending the bowl game but now are not. They already spent thousands of dollars to travel to Seattle when the two teams faced off earlier in the year and even though San Diego is a great city, they don’t want to spend another couple of thousand to watch the same two teams play once again.

I won’t be attending, but will be watching on tv no doubt about it. I am hoping to see another performance in a bowl game like we seen last year against Arizona. Give Coach Pelini more than a few weeks to prepare for a team and I really like our chances. Let’s give the team our support and end the season on a high note!

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Nebraska is headed back to the Big 12 Championship in Dallas this next weekend after they locked up the North Division title on Friday with a 45-17 victory over the Colorado Buffaloes. The rivals were playing for the last time as the Huskers are heading to the Big 10 and the Buffaloes are heading off to the Pac 10 - Pac 12.

Rex Burkhead was the man for the Huskers as he led the offense with 19 carries for 101 yards and a touchdown. Rex also threw for two touchdowns as finally Shawn Watson dialed up a couple of passes out of the wildcat formartion. It was about time Mr. Watson!

Going into the game a lot of Husker fans were wondering how Cody Green would play once he was named starter earlier in the week. It was a good thing that Coach Pelini announced the decision early in the week because I think it allowed Cody to settle down and know what was ahead of him. Cody passed just 13 times but completed 10 of them and threw for one touchdown. The big thing was he did not have a turnover and led the offense down the field to put points on the board.

The defense once again played a nice game. The Buffaloes tried to throw deep a couple of times and despite a couple of holding and a pass interference call the Blackshirts did a good job. The Huskers scored 21 points off Buffaloes turnovers. Great job by the Blackshirts once again as they live up to the hype of shutting down opposing teams.

I wish I was heading down to Dallas for the championship game but I can’t make it work. I hope that everyone travels safe and has a great time down in Jerry’s world. As every Husker fans wants to see, let’s hope Dan Beebe is forced to hand Bo Pelini and Tom Osborne the Big 12 Championship as they kiss the conference goodbye.

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I’m not going to do much for a game recap after the 9-6 loss to Texas A&M Saturday night but I do want to hit on the subject of Bo Pelini and his temper. First off, you can’t explode on your player like that on the sideline. You know damn well that the cameras are on you in the middle of every play do to your reactions. That butt chewing should have happened in the locker room, I don’t care what was said or what was done. Certain things just need to be taken care of behind closed doors.

We all know Bo has a temper but things are not going to change in the next two games. Refs know he has a temper, they know Eric Martin lays guys out on kickoffs. It’s time scale things back a notch and play smarter. Even if a hit is legal, with what has happened in the past the refs are going to have their hand on their flag during every play and all it takes it one little thing and that yellow bean bag will be being tossed towards a Nebraska player. Enough of the crying, that’s just going to be how it is.

Bo might have taken the first step in calming things down Sunday night when rumors started to fly around that Taylor Martinez was quitting the team. For a good three hours these rumors were being spread around blogs, twitter and facebook. Finally things were put to rest when Bo told the Omaha World Herald that Taylor is still part of the team and Taylor’s high school coach said that he has just spoken to him and he did not quit the team. It’s time for both parties to calm down, grow up and act better. It’s what the players need and it’s best for the team.

It will be a short week of practice as Colorado comes into Lincoln for a game on Friday. Win this one, and you are right back in the Big 12 Championship which is the number one goal for this team. Forget about the A&M game, it’s time to beat those buffaloes and look forward to Dallas.

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