NebraskaThere are a lot of Nebraska fans calling for Coach Cozgrove to be fired asap.  Well first off, he won’t be fired during the season, and second I don’t know if they would actually fire him even after the season.

Granted, yeah I think a change needs to be made after the season, but Coz and Callahan are good friends and I don’t know if Callahan would do it.  Maybe only if he was pressured into it by Steve Pederson. 

So instead of talking about getting rid of Coz right now, lets talk about Phillip Dilliard starting over Cory McKeon, and Ricky Thenarse getting more playing time.  I know Thenarse makes some mistakes but he isn’t afraid to make a tackle and will lay some wood when he is given the chance.  Lets see some more of Lance Brandenburgh as well at the linebacker position.

I say we start with those changes and go from there.  Lets see how the defense plays against Iowa State this Saturday and hope they have improved a lot.  Let the rush ends actually rush downfield instead of being pushed back by offensive linement.  Linebackers need to stay back into their positions to fill a gap and make a damn tackle.  Secondary, stay with the wideouts and look for the damn ball and swat it away!

What do you all think about Coz and the defense right now?  Let us know your opinons by leaving a comment!


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8 Responses to “Will Cozgrove be gone at the end of the season?”

  1. Tom Christensen Says:

    The defense is just plain terrible. I haven’t seen it this bad in, I can’t remember a time that it was this bad. Is Cosgrove capable of making adjustments or is it what it is.

  2. Mike McClure Says:

    If you want to see how defense is supposed to be played and coached watch what Bo Pelini has done with LSE. Now that Steve Pederson has destroyed the program, we’ll be lucky to be anywhere in the top 25 for years to come. Our top 10 days are over.

  3. Cliff Says:

    I won’t talk much about Pelini because he would have left anyways since he wasn’t going to be hired as the head coach.

    I wouldn’t say Pederson has destroyed the team either, but I do feel that Coz needs to go at the end of the year and someone like Bob Davies needs to come in.

  4. Gerry Says:

    I listened to the defensive ranking numbers for the blackshirts this morning and I don’t think I have ever heard of them being ranked in the 100th and lower ranking in the 20 years that I have watched them. This program has severe fundamental flaws and it does not appear that it is getting better on a year to year basis. I for one am very disappointed in the direction the defense has taken and I am cautiously optimistic about the offense. My concern on offense is that with our supposedly great recruiting classes, we have not recruited any depth at quarterback. These 1 year wonders do not inspire confidence that there will be any consistency in the quarterback area. I can see Sam Keller as the bridge player to provide the young blood quarterback time to mature, but where is the young blood quarterback.

  5. Tom Says:

    Get rid of Cosgrove now. Not even for the inadaptability of what he sees on the field, but really for the poor results coming out of a very talented bunch. This is a practice issue, I believe. Whatever he is doing with the defense in practice isnt working, obviously. These kids have the potential for being a bunch of very mean players, and instead they are missing the fundamentals of football. They cant tackle, they miss assignments, they are being beaten so badly on every play it is rediculous. Please let him go and show we actually refuse to go down the road of mediocrity, after all, that is why we let Frank Solich go, isnt it? Bo Pelini has got to be laughing at the last few seasons.

  6. tz Says:

    Coach “Coz” needs to call Charlie Mcbride and borrow his bat! then replace the blackshirts with pink shirts until everyone gets off their butts and plays at the level they are capable of! lastly a good defense for a spread offense is light up the quarterback! I believe Coach Callahan and “Coz” are really great people but maybe a little to nice!

  7. Duke of Omaha Says:

    You don’t think Cos will be fired at the end of the season because he is a friend of Billy goat Callahan? Are you kidding me? He should be shown the door ASAP! If Cally has an ounce of grey matter still working, he’ll not only fire him at the end of the season, he might not be too far behind him in the unemployment line himself. Someone wake up this blog site author!

  8. Tod Says:

    Go Big Red!

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