Nebraska practice for the Gator BowlThe Nebraska Football team has been down in Jacksonville, FL since Friday as they prepare for the Gator Bowl where they will be facing off against the Clemson Tigers. The team had to practice without Bo and Carl Pelini as they missed the first practice due to their father passing away earlier in the week.

Coach Sanders took over on defense during practice while Coach Watson ran the offense. The players commented that the practice was a little weird without the Pelini brothers yelling but overall things went pretty well they said.

One pretty cool thing the coaching staff did was allow some high school coaches from Florida and Georgia to attend practices. It’s an open practice where they allow the coaches to all come and see what Nebraska does during their practices and what they all have to offer. It is all about building relationships with the coaches in the part of the country as the Huskers would like to bring some kids out of the SEC country if they can. The Huskers did somethign similar to this when they played a few years back in the Cotton Bowl as well.

Shukree Barfield was surprised before the first practice as he was awarded a blackshirt. It was also mentioned that Eric Hagg had his blackshirt taken away but he had it taken away a while back, the news just was just never reported in the media.

I have tried lining up a question and answer with a Clemson blog but so far I have not heard back. If there are any Clemson fans out there reading this post, please let me know of any sites that might be interested in doing a Q/A with Nebsports please.

Go Huskers!

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