It sure wasn’t pretty but the outcome was exactly what Bo Pelini and Husker nation was hoping for on Thursday night. After three quarters of terrible special teams and offense, the Huskers finally got things going against Missouri and scored 27 points to come away with their first win in Columbia since 2001 and put themselves in the drivers seat in the Big12 North.

Zac Lee who just couldn’t get it going until the fourth quarter became hot and found Niles Paul for two touchdowns and also threw a touchdown to Missouri native Mike McNeill. Lee finished the game 14 for 33 and 158 yards. The one key thing was that he did not throw an interception and battled back late in the game after being down 12-0.

Roy Helu led the Huskers’ running attack with 88 yards on 18 carries. The Huskers didn’t run the ball like they would have liked to but was able to move the ball in the fourth quarter where Helu picked up most of his yards. Missouri was sending nine guys at the runningbacks daring Lee to make a play with his arm.

Big Ndamukong Suh picked off Blaine Gabbert and was on his all night long. Suh really showed why he is on of the best defensive linemen in college football last night. He ended with six tackles, a sack, a forced fumble to highlight the Huskers defensive showing.

All in all it was a great win for the Huskers and they found a way to win rather then a way to lose a game. This is a big step as the head into Big 12 play in hopes of going to the Big 12 Championship.

I’ll keep it short this morning as I’m head to Las Vegas for a little weekend vacation and gotta catch a flight. Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys some college football on Saturday like I plan on doing!

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It’s time for the annual Nebraska vs Missouri football game and after reading articles and listening to interview you sure can tell that both coaching staffs and players are ready to get things going on Thursday night in Columbi, Missouri. This will be a tough challenge for both teams as they both look to open up the Big 12 Conference with a victory and get started towards the Big 12 North title.

Missouri comes into the game undefeated with a 4-0 record so the Huskers will be looking to give the Tigers their first lose of the season and more importatly their first lose in conference play. I really have a feelng that this game is going to come right down to the end just like when the Huskers played Virginia Tech. The team that doesn’t make a costly mistake in the fourth quarter is probably going to come away with the victory in my opinion.

One key to the Huskers coming out of Columbia with a victory is going to be the play of quarterback Zac Lee. The Tigers will attempt to pressure Lee and force him to make mistakes and bad throws just like the Hokies did in Blacksburg. Can Zee keep his composure and will the linemen give him enough time to make good decisions with the ball?

On the other side of the ball for the Huskers they will attempt to slow down the spread offense and ex-husker committ Blaine Gabbert. Gabbert has looked pretty good so far this season as he took over the reigns from Chase Daniel. Daniel has yet to throw an interception this year while tossing eleven touchdowns. Look for the defense to play a lot nickle and dime and hope that the front four can get pressure on Gabbert.

It looks like it will be a rainy and soggy night in Columbia so ball control will be a big issue. The Huskers and Roy Helu will have the advantage on the ground so as long as Roy and the other running backs don’t put the ball on the turf I expect the Huskers to come out with a 35-34 victory and improve to 4-1 on the season.

What do you think the outcome of the game will be?

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The Nebraska Cornhuskers and fans celebrated the 300th consecutive sellout on Saturday night and there was a lot of cheering going on as the Huskers rolled past Louisiana-Lafayette 55-0. It was complete domination pretty much from the get go and the Huskers played their most complete game of the season and the first shutout at home since Sept. 23, 2006.

Zac Lee was on target all game long as he finished 15 of 18 for 238 yards and one touchdown pass. It was great to see Lee in there and throwing the ball much better than he did in the second half against Virginia Tech a week before. Lee connected with senior Chris Brooks for a four yard touchdown to account for his td pass.

Brooks had a career high four receptions in the game as he is starting to get more and more playing time with the number one team.

On the ground it was Roy Helu Jr. leading the way with 83 yard and two touchdowns on 15 carries. With the Huskers having good field position most of the game, Helu wasn’t able to rack up over a hundred yards but he still finished with nice yardage per carry and found the end zone twice.

The defense really stood out against the Ragin Cajuns as the dominated and controlled the entire game. The defense allowed just 78 yards on 22 carries and also picked off a pass that was returned for a 76 yard touchdown. Larry Asante returned the pick six for the touchdown but also hurt his ankle on the play. As of right now it is uncertain how serious the injury is.

Adi Kunalic continued to put the ball deep in the end zone for touchbacks on his kickoffs and stud kicker Alex Henery continued to boot the ball through the uprights as he connected on both of his field goal attempts. Henery also had two punts inside the 20 yard line with one putting the Ragin Caguns at the one yard line to start their possession.

Ricky Thenarse could be out the rest of the season with an apparent ACL injury. We will know more about the injury later this week. It is unknown at this time if Thenarse would be granted a medical red shirt as it was the fourth game of the season.

It was a hell of a game for the Huskers and now it will be time to start conference play after a bye week. The Huskers will next be in action on October 8th, when the Huskers travel to Columbia to take on the Missouri Tigers. The game will be televised nationally on ESPN and be played on Thursday night. Let the smack talk begin Mizzou fans!

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It’s almost gametime once again and that means I have another game preview. The Huskers will be looking for a little bit of revenge on Saturday when they take on Virginia Tech on their home field in Blacksburgh. This will be a big test for the Huskers especially with it being on the road. Last year it was the Hokies coming out of Lincoln with a 35-30 victory.

The key to the game as I look ahead is containing Virginia Tech quarter Tyrod Tailor. The Husker defense cannot let him get out in the open and scramble for positive yards. The defense will need to keep Tailor in the pocket and make him attempt to throw the ball. This comes down to the d-line of the Huskers getting pressure with the front four and the defensive ends playing a very good game.

The Husker offense will look to attack the linebackers who are three first year starters and the secondary of the Hokies. I really expect Zac Lee to look to stretch the field early in this game especially if the running game gets off to a good start with Roy Helu.

I think this game will come down to the line play. Whichever team’s linemen play better will come out with the victory. Both teams are going to try to run the ball and then attempt to work in passes off of the run. Quarterback pressure will be huge for the Huskers and I just don’t know if they have the speed to keep up with Taylor.

I’m going to be honest and predict this score. Virginia Tech 30 Nebraska 21

I hope I’m wrong and can come back after the game and blog about a Husker victory. It’s just been too long since the Huskers have defeated at top 20 team on the road and I don’t see it happening this Saturday.

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It was another good day for the Nebraska Cornhuskers as the defeated the Arkansas State Red Wolves on Saturday afternoon. Zac Lee led the Huskers with four touchdown passes as the Huskers dominated the game to the tune of 38-9 when the final whistle blew. Overall they played well but there sure are some things that need to be worked on before the Huskers board the plane later in the week for Blacksburgh.

Lee showed a very strong arm and didn’t make any mistakes as far as throwing interceptions. He did make some good reads and finished 27-of-35 passes for 340 yards and four touchdowns.

Mike McNeil caught two touchdown passes from Lee. A 13 yarder in the first quarter and then a 32 yarder in the third quarter.

Fourteen different Huskers caught passes in the game. Niles Paul led the way as he had his best day in a Husker uniform with six catches and two touchdowns. Paul had touchdowns on a reverse play and also caught a touchdown in the fourth quarter. Now that Paul is not behind players like Nate Swift and Todd Peterson, expect him to really jump out and be the receiver everyone was expecting when he enrolled at NU.

There were two downsides to the game that I didn’t like. Roy Helu Jr., didn’t get as many touches as I would like to see but that was mostly due to the fact that Lee was throwing ropes all over the field and the Huskers were moving the ball through the air. Helu finished with just 60 yards and no touchdowns. The running game just wasn’t there on Saturday. Roy did add 44 yards on 4 receptions so he still had over 100 total yards.

The other thing I didn’t like was the play of the young linebackers. These young guys are out there flying around but they need to do a better job of wrapping up and making good sound tackles. Stop trying to go high every time, take better routes and make a good formed tackle. These linebackers are going to have to grow up fast if they want to slow down the Virignia Tech running attack in their next game.

The rest of the defense played a pretty good game. The d-line had pressure on the Red Wolves and held the entire team to just 271 total yards. One player that really stood out was corner back Prince Amukamara who finished with seven tackles.

Overall it was a good game for the Huskers and they found some things that they will need to improve on. They will go into the Virginia Tech game on Saturday being ranked #19 in the AP poll. We will have a preview to the Va. Tech game in the middle of the week so look ahead to that!

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Hope everyone’s Labor Day weekend is going good! I had hoped to get this up after the game on Saturday evening but had a few things come up and then I was busy all day on Sunday. Anyways, the Huskers started off the 2009 season with a 49-3 victory over Florida Atlantic and rather than go through with a big recap of the game, I’ll just hit on some positives and a couple negatives that I took from the game.

The Positives:
Quarterback play with Zac Lee. Lee was 15 of 22 for 213 yards and two touchedowns. Lee found wide receivers Menelik Holt and Curenski Gilleylen for his touchdown passes. Lee did throw one interception which was a badly underthrown ball. Not bad for the first outing for Lee.

Roy Helu Jr. picked up where he left off in the 2008 season. Helu, Jr. ran for 152 yards on just 16 carries. He picked up most of his yards in the third quarter when he scored his second and third touchdowns of the game. Great game for Roy!

The play of true freshman Cody Green and Rex Burkhead. I thought Green and Burkhead played about as good as they could in their first college action. Green stood out more because of his long 49 yard run but he also threw for 18 yards on two of three passes. Burkhead showed glimpses of what he can do as he rushed for 39 yards on nine carries.

They play by the young linebackers. The linebackers had a combined 17 tackles on the night as Blake Lawrence and Sean Fisher led the way with six tackles each. If this group stays healthy and continues to get better, the Huskers will have one very stingy defense!

Some negatives from the game:

The play of defensive ends Pierre Allen and Barry Turner. The two simply did not get pressure on the Florida Atlantic quarterbacks like I expected. The Huskers were able to get some pressue up the middle with Jared Crick and Ndamukong Suh which was nice but I just wanted to see more out of Allen and Turner.

The owls were able to get 358 yards which is way to many yards against a Sun Belt conference team. I do give the defense credit however because they allowed just three points on the scoreboard.

Overall it was a good first game and it gives the Huskers something to build on for this weekends game against Arkansas State. The game will once again be on Pay-Per-View but this time it will be a 1 P.M. central timezone kickoff.

What were your thoughts on the game? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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Good afternoon Big Red Nation. Some of you were probably wondering why hasn’t Coach Pelini released his weekly depth chart like he usually does on Tuesday’s? Well here it is on Thursday afternoon. There are a few surprises which I’ll talk about below.

Don’t expect to see Chris Brooks getting much playing time as he is at the bottom of the list at the X receiver. Brandon Kinnie is also down the list at X due to not knowing the playbook as good as the other players.

Mike McNeil and Dreu Young are co-listed at the #1 tight end position but both will see plenty have action as Coach Watson likes to use multiple tight end sets. Look for Ben Cotton and Kyler Reed to also get some playing time at the position.

Antonio Bell is listed as the #2 at the Z wide receiver position. Niles Paul is number one.

True Freshman Cody Green is the clear cut man at backup behind Zac Lee.

Your starting linebackers will be Will Compton, Sean Fisher and either Matt May or Blake Lawrence. Phillip Dilliard will play in a backup role atleast for week one.

Alex Henery will be your field goal kicker and punter while Adi Kunalic will handle the kickoffs.

Check out the complete depth chart over at Huskers.Com

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Nebraska Spring GameHey everyone, hope everyone had a great weekend and you were able to attend the 2009 Spring Game. I was unable to travel down to Lincoln for the game as I had other duties to attend to this past weekend so I don’t have much of a detailed report on the game. And since it has been two days since the game, I’m sure you have all read game reports and looked of stats and such so I really won’t get into that too much today.

Wow, it looks like Zac Lee had a great day under center as he did complete 15 of 18 passes for 214 yard and three touchdowns. Great day for Lee as he pushes forward to be the starter in 2009.

I thought Latravis Washington did a very good job as well. He threw the ball 21 times and completed 13 of his passes for 190 yards and two touchdowns. For being under center for just three weeks since his highschool days, Washington did a great job and showed off his strong arm.

Ndamukong Suh was absolutely a beast. Is he that good or is our offensive line that bad against a player of his caliber?

Speaking of all the yards the quarterbacks threw for, does that mean our secondary is that bad as well? I read about Larry Asante once again getting beat on a long pass which was then called “A breakdown like last year.” Hmm, that sure doesn’t sound good.

The Huskers did receive one verbal commit over the weekend as linemen Mike Moudy told the coaches that he would accept a scholarship offer. Moudy is 6’7 and weights in at 291 lbs. He is a big boy that wants to be a great linement for the Huskers!

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Kody Spano ACL InjuryThe Nebraska Football team is down another quarterback as redshirt Freshman Kody Spano will more then likely be getting a new ACL. Spano left practice on Monday with the injury and then reportadly updated his Facebook status to read “Getting a new ACL on Thursday”

With Spano being down, the Huskers are very short handed heading into the Spring game this Saturday. Zac Lee, Cody Green and Latravis Washington will take the snaps for the Huskers. It is really hard to think about it because if the team suffers one more injury at the quarterback position, things could head downhill very quickly due to the lack of experience at the position.

Coach Pelini is hoping that Spano will be ready to go at the start of fall camp but it will all depend on how his rehab goes through the Summer months. Hope for the best Husker fans.

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Nebraska Spring PracticeGood news Huskers fans! Spring Football is just around the corner for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and they held their first set of press conferences today in Lincoln. Coach Pelini had quite a bit to talk about today during the press conference. He talked about the quarterback situation, how he expects the defense to play much better this next season, and also mentioned the players that are no longer on the football roster.

We will start with the quarterback situation first. Coach Pelini and players have said that they have the up-most confidence in Zac Lee. Lee however will get equal snaps in Spring practice Pelini said. Nothing is being handed to Lee even though Patrick Witt has left the team. Lee will be going into the practices as he hopes to get the number one spot over Kody Spano, Cody Green and newly moved Latravis Washington.

I’m surprised that Washington moved back to the quarterback position after being recruited to play defense out of high school.  I suppose Pelini wanted more depth through Spring practice at the position. I just hope they don’t move Washington back and forth from QB to the defense and he never get settled into one position. It will also be interesting to see what happens once Taylor Martinez comes to campus for the fall semester.

Another thing with the quarterback situation to think about for the future is if Miami transfer Robert Marve decides to come to Nebraska. Marve will be attending the Spring game and Coach Pelini has already said if things fell into place they would accept Marve on the Huskers roster.

The four players that are no longer on the roster are Major Culbert, John Levorson, Justin Rodgers and Austin Stafford.

We plan on having a report after the first practice which is on Wednesday. We welcome all comments and hope to see your comments on the site!

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